Sunday, December 12, 2010

Renewing our Wedding Vows!

Over the last few months my littlest girl, Layla, has asked me on several occasions when my husband and I are going to get married.  See... she is confused by the fact that we are already married, because she didn't watch us get married.   I realize in a normal parent/child relationship you don't usually witness the marriage... but for her it seems to really and truly matter that she sees us marry one another.  

Last night as I tucked her in, we were going out on a date and had a sitter come to stay while we were out.  Layla asked me if my husband and I were going to kiss on our date.  I told her we probably would.  She then said, "Mommy, I want you and Daddy to get married on a beach."  Then she said when we're done getting married we can dance and go into the ocean, but we might get scared if we see a crab. 

When we were on the way to dinner, I told my husband about her revalation and how important it seemed to be to her to watch us get married.  So he said when we're in Florida for Christmas, we should renew our vows! 

So we're going to tote the girls and my parents, sisters, neices, and nephew to the beach and have a quick ceremony so that the girls can (hopefully) feel like they are part of the family even more. 

December 31st will be our 5 year wedding anniversary, but I think we will hit the beach a few days before. 

It will make for a fun day of photo-ops either way!  :)

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