Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas, Wedding, and Stuff!

Wow... I didn't realize it had been so long since I had updated my blog.  Things are going well these days, so I find myself feeling the blog urge less and less.  The girls have enjoyed their break from school and their vacation to Florida to meet their (my) extended family. 

Christmas was a very fun day with the girls.  They got many gifts and had a fun time learning about their new family.  They also did very well on Sunday when we went to the beach to have our little "wedding"/commitment cermony to them.   Unfortunately, it was VERY cold and windy, so we didn't get to bask in the sunlight and play in the sand.  We did get a few good photos though.  I will post some of the faceless shots below. 

All in all, we have had a great trip.  They did amazingly well in the car.  Right now we are heading to Atlanta, GA to visit the area and see the Aquarium.  The girls LOVE ocean life, so they are very excited to see a real aquarium, they think the fish wall at Petsmart is an aquarium. 

Hope all of my friends here had a great Christmas and I also hope you have an AWESOME New Year!

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Sarah said...

This post made me cry! I swear! It's been so exciting to see how far you've come with your daughters. It's very inspiring for when I am *hopefully* in the same position in the near future. I hope 2011 is awesome for all of you!