Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I really feel like my girls hit the lottery and we found two amazing therapists! Our 6 year old had therapy today. We talked about some of the "problems" we have. Mostly, it is bad dreams due to her previous trauma.

I got a great answer as to why my 6 year old and I aren't nearly as connected as my 4 year old and I. She said that our 6 year old has a bond to her birth mom. A bond that she needs to grieve over loosing. Where as, my 4 year old, she never really had a "mom", I fulfill that role for her, therefore she is bonding much faster.

Either way, I know both girls love us and we love them. We just have to work through grieving and bonding to one another.

On a side note, the therapist made me feel really good. She was shocked this is our first placement, and we don't have our own kids. She made me feel like I've really went the extra mile to learn and grow along with the girls.

She also commended me on parenting both girls at once, working full time, and being a wife! That made me feel really good. I think I needed some positive reinforcement! :)

So we're hanging in there for now.

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Hurdles of Life said...

Oh, goodness have you ever had a doubt that you weren't doing an amazing job?!? Jeez! I think you're doing fabulously! :) I know that there are days that you just want to pull your hair out, but I know (from personal expereince) that that only lasts a few short minutes and then you fall in love all over again!

Great Job Momma!! ♥