Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Pwedge A-wee-gence

My 4 year old is in Pre-School and they are learning the Pledge of Allegiance.  It is SO cute when she says it!  She proudly puts her tiny right hand over her heart and belts it out like she's the only person that knows it! 

I love the "With Liderby and Just Us for all" part!   I tried to explain what JUSTICE is, but she wasn't going for the concept! 

She has decided her teacher needs to call her Layla now.  I explained that it is up to her teacher if she wants to call her Layla or her real name.  She also said her friend "Damien" wants her to be Layla because it is a cool name.   He and she met in daycare and are now in school together.  I met him, he is bi-racial black and white, and his mom is white.   So it seemed natural to him that I am white and "Layla" is black.  When my husband picked her up at daycare though and she ran yelling "DADDY!", "Damien" came up to my Layla and said, "That's YOUR daddy?"  

I thought it was cute! 

This weekend we are trying out a babysitter for the girls.  It will be the first time in a month we get to go somewhere without them.  They need the time apart as much as us though!   Our babysitter is a sweet girl.  She is in nursing school, has many younger siblings, and the girls really liked her when she came over to meet us. 

For the record, we are doing background checks etc. and our DFS has spoken to her.  We don't have many friends that babysit, but in our town as long as you would trust them with your own children they can babysit during the day, just not overnight. 

I think this will be good though.  She needs extra money for school, and we need extra time to be ourselves without the girls in tow. 

I will keep everyone posted.  Her first day sitting is Sunday for a couple of hours.

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Christi W said...

I just want to thank you writing your blog. You are a fantastic writer. My husband and I are currently in classes for foster to adopt and it is really nice to learn about a family doing it. I have read your whole blog in two Please keep up the good work. I'd love to continue to see how your life unfolds.