Monday, September 13, 2010


Well, our girls know that if they want new names, they can have them.

During cuddle time, my girls love for me to sing to them. I suck, I mean really suck at singing. That is how I know they truly do love me! Because no one, not even my tone deaf husband, desires to hear me sing.

I know a lot of songs. I say all of the time that when my altzheimers sets in, I will loose all of my memories to Dave Matthews Band and Kenny Chesney lyrics.

So the girls get 3 songs (usually a verse and course) and by the time bedtime rolls around there are about two songs that stick out in my head. Usually, it's a DMB song and something random.

The first night Layla by Eric Clapton was on my mind. I sang it, and my four year old FELL IN LOVE!

Every night she asks me to sing it. Tonight she said, "Mommy is it a secret?" I start singing it in my head looking for a spot where the song says "secret" I came up empty so I asked her is what a secret? She said, "I didn't tell my teacher my new name is Layla".

How sweet is that?!? I told her she can have whatever name she wants, but I LOVE Layla if she chooses it!

My 6 yr old loves when I sing The Pretenders "I'll Stand By You". She said to me that she will stand by me, and I won't let anyone hurt her and she won't let anyone hurt me.

Ahhhh, I love my girls!


Hurdles of Life said...

too cute.. i got chills over the "stand by me" :)

Rhiannon said...

My parents names me after the Song Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac - It was always really special when it came on th eradio because it was "My Song" and if the little one chooses Layla I'm sure she'll feel the same. (Even cooler was seeing them in concert after 20 + years of them being broken up WITH my parents. My Dad cried. It was really sweet)

QuackenBaby said...

I went to school with several "Fleetwood" Rhiannon's. It's a pretty name!