Thursday, August 19, 2010

Music and Lies

***Sorry Forum friends for the cross post... it was easier than re-typing***

Right now we're dealing with the girls co-dependancy on one another. Our oldest tries to talk and explain for our four year old... which is her way of trying to keep one or the other out of trouble.

The other thing our oldest does in her pleasing passive aggressive manner, is she tries to have the four year old ask us for things that she, the 6 yr old, wants. This is her way of always avoiding getting in trouble!

Today in the car, our 6 yr old asked our 4 yr old to see if I would put the radio on the "pop" station. I sort of heard her ask, so I reacted by asking if SHE wants it or did her sister ask her to ask me. Then the 6 yr old denied it... which I knew she was lying.

So my punishment for our 6 yr old for the lie was that she can't listen to that type of music for a week. So we listened to country and my favorite... Dave Matthews Band.

Then she cries, and says "Mommy, this just isn't fair, now I have no music with rythm to dance to".

I literally busted out laughing, which only made her more upset. IT was funny though!

I then told her she was right, I was an awful mom to make her broaden her horizons. Then she snapped out of her pity party!

So... any other strategies to deal with their co-dependance? I think I'm doing fairly well, but I am always open to suggestions!

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