Thursday, August 12, 2010

Less Wise and Blogging!

This morning we were all four up bright an early to take me (mommy) to get the upper right wisdom tooth removed (extracted).  Last summer while on fertility treatments, my tooth poked through the gum in two places that made me teethe like a toddler for a week!  It barely cut the gum, but it was enough to cause future cavities if left in place.  The tooth's arrival shocked me because for years my dentists told me I have no bottom wisdom teeth, and he was 99% sure my top teeth wouldn't come through because of their size and angle.   Well he was WRONG!  It was supposed to come out in February, but due to a snow storm had to be rescheduled. 

So mommy got to sleep w/ a Valium... then took another this morning... then gas... then IV to put me to sleep!  :)  Next thing I knew I woke up to my loving husband and two little girls worried to death about their mommy.   It was a nice feeling.

Sorry for my lack of blogging!  I have a lot of really good things to tell, but being a mom fulltime this week hasn't allowed for much blogging time.  I usually blog during my breaks at work. 

I love my girls, but I am looking forward to my return to the office.  I couldn't stay home full time.  Both the girls and I would go insane.

The number one thing we must always have in this house is our sleep.  They need a full 9-10 hours a night to function, and I need them to have their 1-2 hour naps during the day to help them and me function.  

So sorry if this is a bit incoherent.  I am a bit "high" on pain meds right now.  I think my husband likes this laid back version of me!  :)

More to come soon! 


Hurdles of Life said...

♥ feel better soon mommy.

Giorgianni said...

Wow, that doesn't sound fun...except for the meds part! :) I was told I am supposed to get mine out but I am too scared! So I admire you! Maybe I'll work up to it when I'm in pain, like you described. Good luck and get well soon! Hope the meds continue to do their job!

QuackenBaby said...

Thankfully, I am 24 hours post surgery and I haven't had any pain or major swelling. I think it helps that it isn't anywhere near my back teeth, so I don't feel much different chewing etc. Hopefully, it will stay that way!