Sunday, May 16, 2010

Taking Charge

This week is the week I take back a little bit of my self-control!  In 2003 I was diagnosed with PCOS after one round of the Depo Provera shot.  Since then I have been in an uphill battle with weight loss and that is about to change.  I know the one thing that will make me a happier person no matter what is to feel in control of my weight again.  Tuesday I am meeting with a doctor in my area who is helping me formulate a diet and exercise plan that will specifically target my PCOS problems.    The big goal is to focus on my insulin resistance, and then weight loss will ultimately follow. 

Thankfully, I stopped drinking anything aside from water (and the occasional glass of wine) on January 28th, the same day I had my physical for becoming a Foster Parent. 

To me it doesn't matter if we get pregnant, adopt, foster only, I just HAVE to take better care of myself and my health.   At 26, I shouldn't feel like I'm 40.  

Today I cleaned out my pantry (most was past its due date anyway), fridge, and freezer.  I was happy to rid myself of the not so healthy foods.  I mean, I wasn't eating them anyway, they had expired!  

So wish me luck, I will keep everyone posted on my progress, and I hope to see some positive results very soon!


Kate said...

Hey girl! Maddie introduced me, so I hope you don't mind. Your blog looks great! I will go back and read your journey, but I wanted to say good luck in the fostering process. It is a long, sometimes heartbreaking road, but you are doing something most people could only say, "I could never do that." You are a strong woman. Good for you.
Looking forward to getting to know you.

jessica said...

did the dr put you on metformin for your insulin resistance? mine put me on it and told me that it should also help me to lose weight. I was only on it for a month or so, bc it dropped my blood sugar too low. Just wondering if they discussed that with u?