Saturday, May 22, 2010


After one night and one morning I have the swing of these girls already.  I've heard of "honeymoon" periods, but I assure you, we haven't had one.  They argue, fight, and whine just like any other kid would... but when I ask them to stop they usually listen, and they do really well with their 1-2-3 warnings and then time out.   I guess I am cut out for kids with behavior issues, because I don't really take any crap from anyone.   My husband is a softy enough for the two of us!  They have him wrapped around his finger. 

With that said, we have had a good morning so far.  Two of the girls are here with me while the oldest made a Walmart run with my husband for some supplies.   The girls have EXTREMELY curly hair, and I as I straightened mine this morning, they wanted me to do theirs.   I did each while they played "telephone" and when I was doing the 6 yr olds, her sister asked what she was doing and she replied "My mom is straightening my hair".   Obviously, they know I am not their mom, but it did make me feel like a welcome participant in their weekend.   They are just too cute, and they know it too!

They are VERY curious as to why we don't have kids.  The 5 yr old told me she hopes I have 7 babies.  She said a boy and a boy and a girl etc...   The 6 yr old told me she hopes I have 3 girls just like her mom because we have a real nice "place" (referring to our house).   They're really funny and very bonded to each other.

More to come!


Hurdles of Life said...

♥ too sweet!

Kate said...

So glad it's going well for you. Hoping it continues that way!