Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Expressing Interest"

Well, yesterday I was browsing around the various "Available Children" websites I have bookmarked over the last few months, and I stumbled across a new site to me. On said site, I found a listing for two little girls (sisters) ages 3 and 5. They are beyond adorable! I e-mailed my social worker to be sure my home-study was signed for good, and she said it will be on Monday, May 17th. These girls are in another state, therefore I had to have an approved home-study to register and express our interest. Since it's not "technically" approved, I wrote the agency that the girls are listed with to see if I could go ahead and express interest knowing that all I am waiting for is a signature from the supervisor who is out until Monday. They wrote back quickly and said "YES! If you wait until Monday they may not be listed then".

So, we have officially expressed interest in our first children. Obviously it's a long way to even having a shot at adopting, but I am excited that we took that "leap" to begin our family.

That's all for today. I will keep you posted if I ever hear anything back.

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