Thursday, March 25, 2010

Almost 3 Weeks...

since my husband lost his job. What an excruciating process, waiting for call backs, etc. Monday he flew to Florida for an interview and flew back Tuesday. The trip was so-so, but the interview, by all accounts seemed to go really well. Now we're just waiting to see if he gets an offer. GOD PLEASE LET HIM GET AN OFFER! He has another job offer in Charlotte, NC but we would rather move to Florida to be closer to my family. At this point though, we will go where the money is. I am such an impatient person, waiting to hear if he got the Florida job is keeping my tummy in knots. I am fine with any situation as long as I know what's happening, I just don't do well at all with not knowing.

We have PRIDE tonight, not that it will probably even matter soon, but we have it none the less. Maybe we will get a local job set up or a telecommute position will come along... but I'm not holding my breath!

**Fingers Crossed** that we have an answer very soon. Like RIGHT NOW!!


Hurdles of Life said...

yippee i can comment!
♥ fx for you guys!!

QuackenBaby said...

Well, he didn't get the job! This is the first job in 8 years that he's interview for and not gotten! Craziness! Oh well, something better will come along. At least I hope!