Thursday, April 8, 2010


This was a terrible roller coaster of a month. I think that maybe it was a test to see how well I do under stress… I’m not sure who gets the results, but I would appreciate if they could give me notice or warning before the next test.

So my husband lost his job abruptly and the job hunt lasted much longer that it ever had in the past (thank you awful economy). Thankfully though he starts a new contract position on Monday, and he is also interviewing for a few other full time positions in the mean time.

As for our journey to becoming foster parents, well I feel like I can finally get excited again. For a few weeks there, we thought that we may have to relocate out of state to make money. Now that he will be employed locally, we can concentrate back on our efforts to foster.

Tonight is our final PRIDE class. Hopefully we will get a placement soon. We really want to adopt, but for now we’re open to foster only placements.

Hopefully I will be posting about our first placement soon and a FULL TIME job for my husband!

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Hurdles of Life said...

yippee on the end of PRIDE!! congrats on the new job.. hoping a full time job comes soon as well as a placement. xoxox