Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So far I have not started. I finished the Provera August 21, today is the 26th, and I am like, "Come on already!". I want to start in the next few days because if I don't my vacation will totally suck! Hopefully by Friday! I have had some cramps, but it's much different with Provera then it is with a normal cycle.

For the moment I am just waiting, seems like that's all I do these days.

In more positive news, well depending on the reader, we're painting our Masterbed and Bath. The bathroom is going to be an aqua blue color, and the bedroom is a gray. I am excited to get it finished. Once the painting is done we're replacing our floors too. The carpet has been pulled up, and we got an awesome deal at Lumber Liquidators on a nice laminate floor. With four dogs, and a husband with allergies, carpet just isn't a very good floor choice for us. The dogs don't shed, but even still, they track in dirt and leaves.

I will post some before and after pictures once we're finished. For now we're bunking in the spare bedroom. It's working, but we're ready to be back in our room, in the king sized bed!

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