Monday, May 7, 2012

A New Baby Sister

Well, now that things have settled down I guess I will blog about it.  A week ago I got a message from our daughters bio-brothers adoptive mom.  (Did you follow that?)  

She asked me to call her immediately.  I thought maybe she had something to tell me about their new daughter placed as an adoptive placement about a month ago.  What she told me instead was that she had a 2 day old baby girl coming to her that night.  That 2 day old baby girl is the 100% biological sister to her sons and my youngest daughter (1/2 sister to my oldest daughter). 

I guess we knew it might happen eventually, but it still came as a shock.  Sadly, it confirmed birthmom still is making poor choices and isn't doing much better.

We told the girls at dinner that night.  They were excited, concerned, confused, just a mixture of emotions.  MK said it wasn't fair, we should have the baby since they already have two babies... but we explained we like our family just the way it is. 

We quickly planned to go see her, and we went Saturday for a day trip to VA to meet her. 

She is so sweet.  So tiny, 5lbs 9oz.  She looks SO much like Layla, but has MK's nose. 

She's beautiful, and our girls have a little sister and we have a little niece.  I am so thankful we will get to be a part of her life. 

I can't share many pics because they all have her sweet face, but here are a couple.

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