Thursday, May 10, 2012

Human Rights!

Yes, I live in NC, no I am not proud of that in light of our state's "Marriage" amendment passing.  How does a state have the right to tell anyone they are not allowed to marry their partner, no matter the sexual orientation?  How does a voter choose to strip away benefits from families just because their heterosexual parents co-habitat and are not legally married? 

It makes me sick to think of all of the close minded people in this world.  The people who say, "If you are a man and can marry a man, what's to stop you from marrying a dog?"  Come on... let's be serious!  I can't even believe someone let those words flow out of their mouth. 

I think the thing that starts to frustrate me more than anything though is when an adoptive family opposes homosexuals adopting, or marrying. Or saying a child deserves a mother AND a father. 

I come from a family of divorce, my father cheated on my mother...  I am no better off with or without him in my life.  If my mom were a lesbian, I don't think she would have "turned" me into a lesbian. 

I also say to those people opposing homosexual adoption... what about that little girl, who the men she trusted molested her?  Do you think she deserves to be forced into a male/female home?  Or should she be allowed to live with a mother who helps her feel comfortable and fearless, and able to relax and heal?  Even if that mother is a lesbian. 

While we're on the topic...  why do these close minded people think gay men are child molesters?  When I look at the pedophiles in my area... would you believe they were ALL men who preyed upon girls?  Not boys. 

I know some of the most wonderful homosexual couples and individuals.  They are kind, and hard working, and compassionate.  They have struggled to find their personal identity in ways that we can't imagine, all because society made them feel like they weren't "normal".   They have fought to be parents to children in desperate need for families, no matter the sexual orientation, to love them, and support them. 

I'm just disgusted by the voters in our state who supported this amendment.  So disgusted. 

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