Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

I suppose it is time for an update.  I now have a 6 and 8 year old!  How the time is flying.  

Makayla is hitting puberty.  I helped her shave her underarms and the bottom of her legs since it is summer like weather here.  Some days she makes me go "?@&$(%)@_!?!" with her actions, but I'm so impressed with their recent self-awareness.  MK has noticed some traits that she doesn't like about herself.  Most are personality traits.  She's a little more aware of her impulsiveness.  She recognizes when she needs to stop talking or doing something repetitive.  With that though, she is learning to embrace things as well.  She really LOVES spending time with her dad.  Being in the garage with him is the #1 thing she likes to do.  She enjoys taking things apart and figuring out how things work, which makes her totally compatible with my husband!  She's growing up so fast, her body and her mind just can't keep up with one another.  She's such a sweet and caring little girl though. 

Layla is as silly as ever.  She is doing phenomenal in Kindergarten.  She can read and write now.  I'm so impressed by her intelligence.  She's had a few struggles lately with her feelings, but her ability to voice what she feels and come up with ideas on how she can fix how she's feeling or how we can help her is proving to be a huge help!   She's more of a mama's girl, but she also enjoys time with her dad doing little projects or playing a game.  She's the most loving little girl.  She just wants to hug and cling to us most of the time... which does get annoying... but it's nice to feel like at least one of the girls is still "little". 

We are doing well though and I'm really happy with all of the progress we're making as a family.

We took some spring pictures for family and friends, and I thought I would share a couple here on the blog for my followers. 


Casey said...

Hi, fellow foster mom. I love your photos of the girls, soooo darn pretty! I've been trying to read and find out if these two are your adopted girls or foster? I appologize if it's right in front of me and I've missed it.

Quacken said...

They are adopted now, but came to us through foster care.

CandCFamily said...


Our Journey said...

Beautiful girls!!!