Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No News... Is Good News!

Well, I guess that it is true; no blogging is a good thing!  Meaning that if I am not blogging, then I don’t have much to vent about, which is a very good thing right?

So this past week things have been relatively “normal”.  Good days at school.  No huge emotional breakdowns.  We’ve just had a good week.  I hope there are more to come.

The girls are making progress, this is for certain.  Three months ago they were totally different kids.  Sad, anxious, worried, angry, covering up their true selves.   We’ve seen them blossom into kind, caring, a little less worried, happy-go-lucky kids.  This isn’t to say that those “negative” things don’t pop out from time to time, but it is much less frequent now!

Yesterday was the Thanksgiving lunch at the girl’s school.  I went and ate with both of them.  My oldest, Molly, was in line and boy in her class asked her why her mom was white.   Molly told him, “She’s not my birthmom, she is my adoptive mom.”  Then he asked “what is an adoptive mom”? Her answer sounded just as she had “rehearsed” it over the last few weeks… “An adoptive mom is a mom that takes care of you forever if your birth family can’t, and even if you’re not a good kid all of the time they are nice and love you no matter what”.   BOY… she sold us well!  I bet that little boy was wondering if he could trade up to an adoptive home!  :)

I thought it was sweet.  She is slowly processing WHAT adoption means to her and her sister.  I certainly can’t imagine being in her shoes, so I am letting her process at her own pace, and answering any questions she has. 

In other news, we get to go to court on December 16th to discuss the girl’s next step in the process.  It’s basically just a court date to tell the judge the girls are in an adoptive home and that as soon as our waiting period of 6 months is over, they will be adopted by us. 

We have also been doing some Christmas shopping.  I bought the girls both the Mobi-Go game systems for our Christmas trip to Florida.  They are also getting some other things, but that will probably be their favorite! 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!  We are so thankful to have our little family!  :)

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