Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Busy Days

September was a very busy month for us.  I blogged once... considering I use to blog daily, it's a little sad really.   Being a stay-at-home mom has really taken over.  When I worked, I had time at work that I could  blog.  Now that I'm home, I'm always out and about running errands, carpooling kids to the doctor, and soon Layla will start Irish Dance classes, and MK will start her art classes. 

So I am going to try and blog at least once a week. 

Now for the updates.  The girls were tracked out of school on September 14th and went back October 3rd.  I spent those weeks entertaining the girls with trips to the library, museums, outings with our play group, and we even had a play day with their brothers at a bounce house. 

It wasn't as bad as I had pictured it.  They mostly kept their behaviors at a manageable level.  After the visit with the brothers though, Layla had a difficult time controlling herself for about 10 days.   It's a hard sacrifice to make.  The girls love their brothers, it isn't fair for them not to see them and keep that relationship intact, then at the same time, when they do see the boys, it triggers a lot in Layla behavior-wise.  With that said, it is more important to me that they keep the relationship, even if it means a couple weeks of "resetting" Layla's attitude, mood, etc. 

The girls are doing well in therapy.  I especially love Layla's therapist.  They are focusing on her anxiety control.  We are also about to start some speech therapy and assessment.   MK is doing well in all aspects right now.  She is so smart, kind, and I am really proud of her for being able to appropriately voice how she is feeling in different situations.   Layla is also voicing herself much better these days.  Hopefully, those skills continue to grow and the girls can eventually fall out of the behavior and into the talking part of their problems. 

We are starting a new medication for both girls.  It is called Kapvay.  It's an extended release of Clonidine.  MK is taking it at bedtime, and in the mornings.  Layla is taking it at bedtime only.   It has a sedating quality to it, so hopefully it will help with sleep.  That wears off in about a week though, so we may also have to add in an actual sleep aid for Layla, since that is her biggest issue most of the time. 

School is going great for both girls.  Once we get MK's impulsive behaviors (talking out, getting up, interrupting, etc.) under control fully, I think she will excel even more. 

The next couple of months the girls are in school, then in December they track out again for the entire month.  We have a trip to Florida planned from December 5-12.  I think this time around we will FINALLY get to do a theme park.

Our play group (an interracial families group) is amazing.  The girls have made friends, as have I.  They have been out past bedtime without any issues.   It's been nice for them to see families like ours, mothers that care and discipline, friends that get them as individuals, it's just been awesome.

The move to North Carolina was absolutely the best thing we've ever done for our family.   Our house in VA is due to close on October 14th.  Hopefully everything goes smoothly.  Then in the spring we plan to buy down here. 

So great things on the horizon.  We're still progressing more than regressing, so I guess we're doing alright!

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Kerry said...

Thanks for the update! Your blog is so insightful. I had a question, though. What do you mean by "track out of school". Thanks.