Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Backing Off!

It is truly hard to believe that it's been over a year since our girls came home to us.

428 days!
  • 36,979,200 seconds
  • 616,320 minutes
  • 10,272 hours
  • 61 weeks (rounded down)
Did I ever think that in 428 days I could have a hand in molding them into two AMAZING little girls?

No... I didn't.   If you look back at my earlier blogs, you will see the struggles, the pain, the sadness I had for my girls... and truly for my family.   It was HARD WORK to get where we are.  We have spent hours in therapy, parenting therapeutically, keeping the girls safe, showing them right from wrong, helping them become honest and upstanding individuals, but most of all LOVING THEM!   I love them with every shred of my soul.   That love wasn't instant, that love was built up over time... but now it's an everlasting type of love that can't be broken, no matter their choices, no matter where life leads us, no matter if I don't LIKE them... I will ALWAYS LOVE my girls.

Things are going really well.  They are incredible little people.  So smart, so funny, so kind-hearted, so accepting of our love for them, and so willing to rise to our expectations because they know they can trust us.
I've started a new fun, light-hearted blog about the girls.  Just a way to chronicle our day to day, but not focus on all of the "foster/adoption" side of things.   I will blog here still when I feel I need to, but it might not be often.   So if you need to ask me something, leave me a comment, I promise to reply!

You can visit the new blog at:

Thanks to everyone for your support over these last 428 days, and I hope that when you are seeking support you can find it here in my previous blog posts, or by sending me a message.

Much love and healing to all of you!

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