Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Poetry From MK

MK's teacher ROCKS this year.  I mean calls every few days with an update and listens and helps MK.  It is SO nice to have someone like that on our team!

For her spelling words, she gets to pick from a big list of activities to practice the words.  Today, she chose a poem.  Not so bad for a 2nd grader!

When I am a wife
I will have a lovly life.
My husband will rake,
while I bake a cake.
He will be all mine,
even when we're ninety nine.
I will kiss his face,
no one will ever take his place.


Last Mom said...

Great job!!! MK may be a famous writer one day!

Gwen said...

How cute!! Love it!

CandCFamily said...

Great poem!