Monday, June 27, 2011

Keep Your Sister Safe...

This morning was the girls first day of day camp.  On the ride there, we passed several school buses.  The girls asked if any of those would be their bus.  Since school is year-round here, I told them one might be their bus.  Then I explained that when they ride the school bus, that I would like them to only sit with one another.  Since the bus can be an overwhelming place for kids, and last year we had some issues with MK on the bus, I thought this would best suit each of them to sit together.  So I told them sit together and keep one another safe.

Well, today at camp, MK wanted to venture out and meet people.  Meanwhile, Layla was clinging to her and hitting her anytime she tried to leave her.

She took my conversation about keeping one another safe on the bus to mean that they should never leave one another's side E-V-E-R!

So we had a talk tonight and explained that it is ok for them to play alone with different kids, and then sometimes together.  We also practiced some social skills of how to meet new people and start a conversation.   "Hi, my name is Layla, what is your name?"  "I have four dogs, do you have pets?"  "I like to do arts and crafts, what do you enjoy doing?"

It was really cute reviewing things with them.

I am so in awe of my girls.  Can you believe it's been 10 months?  I mean ONLY 10 MONTHS!  What an impressive difference in the girls.

Tomorrow we see their new primary care doctor.  She comes highly recommended by fellow adoptive parents, and I am hopeful she will be willing to prescribe their medications.

We're absolutely LOVING North Carolina.  It's so great here.  Love the people, love the places, and love having more room to spread out in the new house.

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Penelope said...

Funny how they take some things so literal. Great skills you are teaching. They grow up so fast.