Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Media Room

Well, we're almost finished with the media room. The great thing is that once we are finished, Rich will have a garage that is back to normal! I know both he and I are excited about that.

We painted the media room a medium gray color. We're getting light blue theater seats from Craigslist, and eventually, we will have a BIG screen down there. For now though while we finish things up around the house, we are going to hold off. In the end the cost is usually more than you realize it will be for home renovations, so I am happy with waiting until everything is finished to buy the big screen. In the mean time we will use an older 32" we have upstairs.

In even more exciting news, my sister and nieces are coming to visit March 5-15th. I CAN NOT WAIT! It will be a practice run for the kids room to see if my 4 year old niece Erica likes it. The baby is only two months, so she won't really know the difference. :)

I love being an aunt, and I know that once I get to be a mom I will love that too. My nieces and nephews probably won't like me being a mom though because then I will be spending on my own kids and not them as much!

Tomorrow in PRIDE we are going over the Genome stuff. I have already laid out my Genome. The hard part about these is that so many families are blended these days. I call my step-dad my dad, and I don't have much of a relationship with my biolocial father. So I listed both of them on my Genome. I don't think a Genome is about genetics, but about family, and when my kids look at it, I want them to see who their family will be, not who my biological dad is.

So, I will post again after PRIDE. Hopefully the tiny bit of weather we will get today won't cause a problem for PRIDE tomorrow night.

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