Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally, the ball is rolling!

We had our first PRIDE class last night! I was very excited to get started. We actually have a good sized class, probably about 13 couples/individuals. There are folks from all walks of life, races, ages and sexual orientations. It's like a melting-pot! I think that's great though. We get to learn from one another about one another.

The first class pretty much reviewed what PRIDE training is all about. Why it's important for us to be there, and be attentive. We also watched a circa, I will guess, 1992 video about foster parenting. It was funny because at one point they used a "Polaroid" camera. Did you know they don't even make film for those anymore? At the end of the video they had a candle lighting ceremony and gave thanks to the people that helped the youngest boy find his new adoptive home. My husband chimed in with "Is candle lighting required to be foster parents?" to which our quick witted advisor said "Yes, we want to see lots of candles".

Overall, it was a great time, catered food, and really good company.

Next week we schedule our home study time. The home study will be complete before we finish PRIDE! How exciting! Many localities take FOREVER to do the home study.

That's all for this week!

This weekend we are painting and putting in floors in the Media Room. Then my house will be almost back to normal. I can't wait!

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