Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spoken Feelings

One year ago, the only way Layla knew how to express herself was through behavior.  There isn't a harder thing to deal with than a behavior where you have ZERO idea as to what triggered it.  A year ago, she sometimes didn't even know why she felt or acted the way she did. 

Yesterday afternoon, my husband came home from work a little early and we had a disagreement.  It was just a quick back and forth of how we both felt about the situation, and then it was over with.  No yelling... but we certainly had on our "angry tone" voices.

At dinner, Layla was sitting across from me, and she said to MK, "Mommy and daddy were fighting and (looks at us) YOU SCARED ME!"  

We quickly explained that it was a disagreement, the only thing hurt were feelings, and it was all ok.  That is was okay to disagree with one another, but we talked about it and worked it out.  

She came over and hugged on me. 

THAT WAS B-I-G!  I mean HUGE!!!  That she saw something, took time to process what had happened, then verbally spoke as to what upset her and why she felt the way she felt.  I was really proud of her. 

This isn't to say next time she won't pitch a fit for no understandable reason, but it is certainly a step in the right direction. 


Last Mom said...

Great job to all of you! What progress!

Penelope said...

Great thing for her to see that you can get mad & still love someone. Our foster girl saw us argue, get over it & laugh about it later. Love the cartoon.