Monday, August 29, 2011

Sure We Will Try It!

A lot has been happening since I last posted.  I will start with doctor stuff.

MK started back into therapy last week.  It seemed to go very well.  She said it was, "The best morning of my entire life".   We're not 100% sure this therapist is right for her, but we decided as a couple to let MK choose if she wants to stay or try someone else. 

Additonally, MK has changed from Vyvanse to Intuniv for her ADHD.  The Intuniv isn't my favorite fit for her.  It makes her very sleepy, and she is still becoming easily overstimulated and that is effecting her impulse control. 

We start seeing a developmental pediatrician for both girls in October.  We hope they will have much more insight into the medications needs for management of the girls anxiety, depression, and ADHD. 

Layla will start therapy on the 8th of September.  I met with her therapist, and I really like her.  She focuses on anxiety and behavior modification, so we're hopeful she can help Layla with some of her quirky behavioral issues. 

Layla is now taking Prozac instead of Mirtazapine.  So far she is sleeping okay again, but it takes her a good hour to finally fall asleep.  We might have to add a sleep aid into the mix, but we will look into that once we see the new doctor.  For now, 10mg of Melatonin seems to do the trick. 

Moving on from the doctor stuff, we are also trying a new method for positive reinforcement of good behaviors.  This method came from Layla's new therapist, as a "try it and see" thing to help curb her defiance. 

So the idea is come up with a small number of simple rules.  Then you get the kids a small container and either mark a line, or have a line for them to fill to.  Then you give them a penny whenever you catch them following the rules (subsequently, you can remove a penny after one warning for not following the rules, after a month, you just immediately remove the penny).   Once they reach their line they get to both keep the pennies, and choose a prize from the prize box.  On average, you want to give them 7-8 pennies a day.  It's great because it's a forceful reminder to us that we need to praise the kids.  The prize box is just cheap stuff.

So far, it's going pretty well for our two. 

We let the girls chose the rules, and I must say it was a great test of their knowledge of our normal rules, because they included all of the for the most part.  We kept it to 5 rules, with some encompassing a few different rules.   These rules apply everywhere, home, school, outings, etc.

Our Family Rules:
1)  Be kind and respectful to all people, pets, and objects.
2)  Keep hands, feet, teeth, and objects to yourselves.
3) Think before you speak and do.
4) Always tell the truth, and do not sneak.
5)  Have a GREAT day at school.

Like I said, simple rules. 

So I will update on our progress.   I bought these cute containers at the Dollar Tree.  They come two to a pack, and we can grab them to take with us when we go places.


Kerrie said...

Int*iv is about the only thing that has helped Princess visibly, but the sleepiness really bothered me. I was really torn up, because otherwise it had made her and our lives much more livable. I said something the the psych, and he suggested we stick with it because the sleepiness side effect sometimes takes up to 12 weeks to wear down. Sure enough, she lost the zombie-ish look. She will still nap in the middle of the day if she can't find another way to occupy herself, but that is in her range of normal without any medication. So if it's working in other ways, you might consider sticking it out.

Quackenbaby-CQ said...

@Kerrie... it has done wonderfully for her "fidgeting" and her rocking... but her impulse control still is lacking majorly. We will see what happens leading up to the visit with the Dev. Pedi.