Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Flexible Jobs and Being A Mom!

It's difficult to find a "work from home" job, and even more difficult to work a rigid schedule with two kids (plus my nieces means 4).  In the fall of 2012, I was looking to enter back into the work force, but one thing after another kept me from doing so.  Finally, earlier this year I chose to homeschool, which meant working outside of the home was not possible! 

In February, a close fellow adoptive parent friend of mine added me to a group on her Facebook where she was showing these amazing before and after photos of people!  I'm a skeptic, so I just watched, googled, youtubed, watched... then finally, I took the leap and joined into the fun! 

I started my CRAZY WRAP business through It Works! Global, Inc. in mid-February, and I haven't regretted it or looked back!  I make my own hours, I meet new people, I HELP people transform their health and wealth... and I reap the benefits both physically and fiscally!  :) 

Here are my before/after pictures from my stomach and legs.  So excited to share the changes in my body.  If you're interested comments are welcome.  

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